Candle Arz El Rab 黎巴嫩優雅雪松香氛蠟燭

  • $460.00

The natural elegance of wood. A spicy, incomparable fragrance in a candle
Burn time approximately 35 hours.
Candle in glass
Net weight 180 Grams


The natural elegance of wood – sober and authentic 木質優雅香調


Ginger From China - Iris From Morocco - Virginian Cedar

中國生薑 - 摩洛哥鳶尾花 - 維吉尼亞雪松

perfume ingredients

From the Arabic: أرز الربّ Arz el-Rab or ‘Cedars of God Forest’ of Mount Lebanon, it conjures up the land and origins of Lebanon.

Our perfumers invite you to travel, with a subtle composition that reveals the power, elegance and legends of the Orient. Ginger from China, iris from Morocco and Virginian cedar yield up the best of their personality and meld to deploy a deep, intense nose.


阿拉伯語Arz el Rab 意指神林雪松,黎巴嫩稱雪松為“植物之王”、“上帝之樹”或“神樹”,神林雪松是對黎巴嫩雪松傳奇的獨特詮釋,邀請您帶著優雅和傳說的微妙組合,來一趟獨特、近乎神奇的感官體驗。

ARZ EL RAB 黎巴嫩– 優雅雪松蘊含無以倫比香料的深層調和,選自最純淨土地的原料,結合而成的獨特香味,來自中國的生薑、摩洛哥的鳶尾花和維吉尼亞的雪松,發揮出各自的獨特性,融合出一款深沉又濃烈的香味。


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