OUD WA VANILLIA - Grands Crus - The Millésimes Collection by Berdoues

  • $1,250.00

 A rich, heady fragrance


 The Millésime Oud Wa Vanillia - Oud and Vanilla - carries in it the character of the Oud of Thailand and the warmth of the Vanilla of Madagascar.

Our perfumers have given birth to a powerful and captivating blend with heavily woody and amber accents.


Jasmine of Egypt – Vanilla of Madagascar – Agarwood of Thailand



At the heart of the Grands Crus collection, our perfumers are inspired by rare and precious raw materials, rigorously selected in order to create Millésimes collections.

Each Millesime Grand Cru has a 20% perfume concentration that makes it last longer on your skin.

Olfactory creation by Charles Caruso.

Eau de parfum 100ml, flask 18-Carat gold silkscreen, made in France.

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