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Une Amourette - Mini spray

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Spicy, Floral



Top Notes:


Neroli, Iris, Vanilla Absolute, Akigalawood…


The story behind "Une Amourette":

Is it a passing fancy, a momentary catching-of-the-eye, a brief encounter, or something else? Will it endure, will it last forever? Does it really matter? This is now, this is how you feel.

At one special moment in time. And whatever happens, you will make an indelible memory. 

UNE AMOURETTE is a love affair — it won’t last forever, but it’s unforgettable.

The notes make a complex statement, far beyond the simple passing fancy. The citrus of neroli, spicy and floral, blends with the soft, elegant iris. The sweetness of vanilla is tempered by akigalawood, a special distillation of patchouli that creates a woodiness.

UNE AMOURETTE — a modern fragrance, but like iconic fashion or a passionate liaison, it’s timeless. This is the scent of a woman a man wants to remember, and maybe wear himself.



Une Amourette is a no-holds-barred fragrance. It is not for everybody. It’s divisive. It will corrupt the fragrance category with its subversive positioning.

It’s a scent that makes and leaves its mark.

It is worn first at the pulse point between the thighs. As she moves, walks, crosses her legs…the warmth and friction release an intoxicating burst of fragrance catching the attention of the most primitive sense: smell.

Une Amourette transcends gender. It is neither feminine nor masculine but it connects with the innate desire to take control, to be unique…

And when two bodies come together, the alchemy of skin on skin and scent on skin is unleashed, and the full power of the fragrance is revealed.

— Roland Mouret


Once I had met Roland Mouret, I began to imagine a very sophisticated and dark perfume, black and red. Patchouli and Indole are the backbones in this woody/animal floral. The head notes are brightly opened with Neroli, while Resinoide Iris, Akigalawood and Resinoide Incense form the foundation of this story.

— Daniela Andrier, Perfumer


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