SOMEI YOSHINO - 日本 – 染井吉野 - Grands Crus Collection by Berdoues

  • $880.00

A delicate perfume of cherry blossom 精緻櫻花香調


Shiso from Japan - Jasmin Sambac from India - Patchouli from Indonesia

日本高貴紫蘇 - 印度茉莉 - 印尼廣藿香

"Somei Yoshino" - Yoshino cherry tree, evokes the land, the origins of Japan: an invitation to contemplation.

Our perfumers have concocted a tale made of tenderness and serenity as epitomized by the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees – a ceremony that is a delight to the country and spectators alike. Somei Yoshino is a noble blend of Shiso from Japan, Jasmine Sambac from India and Patchouli from Indonesia that melds into a harmonious balanced, floral bouquet.


SOMEI YOSHINO 染井吉野櫻是最具日本代表性的花朵,美麗優雅及高貴矜持的特質,讓人無法抵擋。這一款設計靈感來自日本櫻花的精緻香水,運用日本櫻花的開花縮影,編織出日本櫻花的甜美及和諧香氣。

日本- 染井吉野憑藉著謹慎的優雅和微妙的細化,呈現出日本櫻花紛飛的自然和諧,表達日本當地獨特的季節景觀,結合日本高貴紫蘇、印度茉莉和印尼廣藿香的芳香融合,產生出一款淡雅、和諧、細緻的香調。

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