OFILD'O offers a choice of international beauty and cosmetic brands with offices in Hong-Kong and France. We are experts in the beauty field, making sure we provide the best, qualify, finest and original beauty brands to Hong-Kong and Macau market.

About Etat Libre d’Orange

Etat Libre d’Orange is an ambitious, audacious perfumery — passionate, exuberant, liberated. Free to create. Free to love and be loved. This is a different kind of perfumery – intelligent, with a point of view. A whimsical perfumery that uses irony to hone the names of its scents. A spirited perfumery that shakes up prejudices and stirs up ambiguities. A perfumery that plays with ideas and reinvents the pleasures to be found in the sense of smell, through sublime, delicately composed juices. These are juices composed from first-rate, living matter that fuses with the skin so they can only belong to the person who wears them. Juices that are fashioned without constraint or compromise. Juices that are designed to disturb, to touch, to tempt, to thrill. And seduce, seduce, seduce. Juices that are created to extend the confines of perfume, to overcome the forbidden, to break the rules. To rebel. To exist, at last.

About Berdoues

The house of Berdoues has been developing perfumes for more than a hundred years. This unique know-how and uncompromising approach to craftsmanship have made Berdoues pioneers in the field of colognes. Made from the finest raw materials these rare and precious blends are defined both by their in comparable quality and their geographical identity. Berdoues remains a family run company with the founders’ great-granddaughter, Sophie Berdoues, as the current CEO. The Grand Crus collection is Sophie’s brainchild and was created to pay homage to the family’s extensive history.

About Algologie

NATURAL CARE PRODUCTS WITH MARINE ACTIVE INGREDIENTSSensoriality and efficiency combine to deliver all the benefits of bathing in the sea. Vagues, Rivage, Jardin Marin... Care products suitable for all skin types and for all ages.


About Purality

The new generation of Clean Beauty is green biotechnology. It enables us to take the fusion of nature and science, for even greater effectiveness, while being gentle on the skin and the planet.

All our formulas adhere fully to the principles of Clean Beauty

Each one contains at least 95% natural ingredients. Our packaging is eco-designed and recyclable.

Purality is focused on restoring balance – for you and your skin.

About NUXE

All women are incredible. This is why NUXE Laboratory has become the leader in major beauty segments in pharmacies. N#1* for anti-aging skincare, N#1** for body skincare, N#1*** oil in France with its famous dry oil Huile Prodigieuse®. NUXE dry oil visibly enhances body, face and hair.

About OFILD’O Jewellery

OFILD’O jewellery collections are created by pure artists who interpret beauty from their own unique perspectives. Each piece is born from an authentic inspiration.

Each design is interpreted in SILVER or in GOLD. 
The pearl are natural pearls.  Some designs allow for a choice of pearl colour.

About Philippe V

Philippe V creates unique eyewear, jewelry and personal wearables to honor and celebrate those who make their own mark.

Pride and quality: We take pride in the work we do. Every item has a story that highlights each component that went into the manufacturing and its point of origin, and comes with a worldwide warranty.

Craftsmanship and heritage: We show respect for traditions and origins of our work. Every piece carries the know-how of a master craftsman that combines ancestral and modern techniques and technology.

Nobility and discretion: Our pieces are always sophisticated and tasteful, understatements that are worthy of discussing.

Hidden detailing and special features: From labels to packaging to stamps, each piece has unique attributes that sets it apart.

Social responsibility: Philippe V supports ”House of Affection”, a very atypical orphanage based in Vietnam. The institute takes in children and supports them beyond the age of 18 to ensure that they get access to higher education and a better future.