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      Veld’s, a territory of wild and fascinating beauty                   


Veld is an Afrikaans word referring to the typical wide grassy and shrubby plains of South Africa. These arid meadows, lacking of rainfall and cold winters, cover large areas, east of Cape Town, where lies a Primal, original, unspoilt and preserved Nature.

VELD’S draws its inspiration from this remote and wild land and the brand’s name comes from its flora, bursting with natural resources.

This Land, renowned for its unique biodiversity, which can be found in the Cape Town Floral Reserve, is a UNESCO protected region for the extraordinary richness of its wild flora.

              The Bushmen, an indigenous group, perfectly exploited and integrated the many botanical active ingredients of this rich and wild land into their rituals of care and beauty

                                  5 great reasons to fall for Veld’s products

 1. A high-performance care action

Each of our developments is the result of a perfect understanding of the mechanisms involved in the skin’s ageing process in order to improve its quality, health and beauty in a sustainable way.

2. Immediate results

A mechanical beauty action immediately visible and noticeable on the surface of the skin.

3. Original and rare active ingredients

Our formulas are clever combinations of active ingredients from science and plants. The incredible botanical richness of the far and wild lands of our World represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration and resources of powerful and innovative active ingredients carefully selected and incorporated as a Star Ingredient in each of our formulas.

4. 100% Made in France

Products reflecting the talent and excellence of French cosmetics.

5. Sensoriality

All the treatments in the range can be used independently or in combination with each other. This flexibility of use gives you the possibility to create your own care ritual according to your personal needs and desires.

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