About Grands Crus Collection by Berdoues

法國經典品牌 波多斯之香 始於1902年,累積了四世代的香水專業,運用於香水研發和化妝品的設計製造。 






系列新品:中國 - 蓬萊 及 古巴 - 煙草


The art of the Grands Crus Collection is to bring to life new olfactory experiences through beautiful destinations throughout the world. 

A scent form elsewhere that gets so close to oneself, that reveals its identity to express itself fully on the skin and creates a tailor-made scent.

A perfume concept that shows your state of mind, your mood, your wishes, your chances, your travels, your life…

Each scent opens up to the imaginary.

An olfactory travel for Her, for Him. So that everyone finds the scent that corresponds to them.

A fashionable elegance. A contemporary simplicity. 

Packaging defined by their creativity. Bold fragrances created in collaboration with the new generation of noses in Grasse.


New addition to the collection: Peng Lai - inspired by China and Hoja De Cuba - inspired by Cuba.




The Grands Crus collection was inspired by a calling to gather the best raw materials that each territory has to regale the perfume universe and bring them together in an exception line of perfume.

Each Grand Cru Perfume expresses one of the world’s regions and offers a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity.

Our perfumers have composed real harmony around the fragrance that typifies a country that is deliciously complex, full and balanced.

Each one thus offers incomparable roundness and intensity that remains intact as the hours drift by.

As you take in the very first waft, a voyage, an immersion, the essence of a country are conjured up through the evocative power of a perfume that stirs the memory or kindles the imagination.



Le Carrousel d'Aliza is the official distributor of the brand in Hong Kong. 

The collections are available in Hong Kong in this online shop and in the following physical shops:

1. K11 Design Store @K11 Art Mall:

1/F K11 Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

2. Mahka Store:

4 Wa Lane, Sheung Wan

Four Seasons Hotel Boutique:

8 Finance Street, Central