The Official Distributor of Berdoues and Etat Libre d'Orange in Hong Kong

Fragrances inspire and awaken my dreams, my memories, my desires for joy, happiness, seduction, encounters ... all encapsulated in little bottles dancing in my Carrousel. We carry niche French perfumes from Etat Libre d'Orange and Grands Crus Collection by Berdoues.

About Etat Libre d'Orange

Etat Libre d'Orange is a spirited perfumery that plays with ideas and reinvents the pleasures to be found in the sense of smell, through sublime, delicately composed juices. Juices that are designed to disturb, to touch, to tempt, to thrill. And seduce, seduce, seduce. 

They create perfumes that were furiously liberated, dangerously endearing. Flamboyant, excessive, perfect. Sometimes scandalous, always delicious. Perfumes for life and love and making love.

New addition to the brand: I AM TRASH (New in Autumn 2018)

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About Grands Crus Collection by Berdoues

“In order to find the precious ingredients needed to develop this venture, our perfumers have travelled all over the world... ”

Each Grand Cru expresses one world’s region and offers a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity. The very first waft conjures up a voyage, an immersion… The essence of a country through the evocative power of a perfume that stirs the memory or kindles the imagination.

Discover a line of eaux de parfum combining freshness, elegance and refinement for men and women searching for sublime authentic emotions… that only Grands Crus can provide.

New addition to the collection: Peng Lai - inspired by China and Hoja De Cuba - inspired by Cuba.

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