VANIRA MOOREA - 茉莉雅 – 香草 - Grands Crus Collection by Berdoues

  • $880.00


An exotic, sun-drenched perfume 陽光下的異國香氣



Top Notes:

Orange from Brazil - Petitgrain from Paraguay - Vanilla from Tahiti 

巴西橙 - 巴拉圭苦橙葉 - 大溪地香草




The story behind "Vanira Moorea":
Our perfumers spirit us to the lands of Polynesia, by creating a wild, fleshy vanilla with deliciously addictive notes. All the exoticism of the islands captured in a glass bottle.

Vanira Moorea unlocks a voluptuous, sensual perfume delicately blended with vanilla from Tahiti, orange from Brazil, and petitgrain from Paraguay.

調香師創造出一種美味的、令人上癮的香草味道,將我們帶到波利尼西亞的土地上。 打開玻璃瓶, 釋放異國島上令人愉悅的情調。

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