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Philippe V - Eyewear

Philippe V creates unique eyewear, jewelry and personal wearables to honor and celebrate those who make their own mark.

Pride and quality: We take pride in the work we do. Every item has a story that highlights each component that went into the manufacturing and its point of origin, and comes with a worldwide warranty.

Craftsmanship and heritage: We show respect for traditions and origins of our work. Every piece carries the know-how of a master craftsman that combines ancestral and modern techniques and technology.

Nobility and discretion: Our pieces are always sophisticated and tasteful, understatements that are worthy of discussing.

Hidden detailing and special features: From labels to packaging to stamps, each piece has unique attributes that sets it apart.

Social responsibility: Philippe V supports ”House of Affection”, a very atypical orphanage based in Vietnam. The institute takes in children and supports them beyond the age of 18 to ensure that they get access to higher education and a better future.