OFILD'O is my story.  
One day, in Paris, my lover and I were driving toward Montmartre ...


 and our rental car just stopped in the middle of the "carrefour" Place de Clichy!...  (we just had forgotten to add gas).  We felt a bit stupid but found nice people to help us park the car on the streetside and called the "dépanneuse".... Being French, we knew it would take a while and went to wait in a nearby café.  

Yes, some cafe looking like this one!  A delight!

No wonder this is were the name came to us, it was all happing so naturally. ( almost, anyway :-))...
OFILD'O, or, "Au fil de l'eau", which in French, means literally "go with the flow" but also let your mind free to wander and discover.  This is the spirit of OFILD'O, I want my mind (and body) to wander and discover the beauties of this world, natural and man-made and share them with my friends.