About Etat Libre d'Orange

When Etienne de Swardt created his house of perfume in 2006, it was only right and natural for him to give it this name, to honour his birthplace and what it represents.

In South Africa, Etat Libre d’Orange, the Orange Free State, was an autonomous sovereign republic which declared independence from British rule in 1854. The name was derived from the royal family of the Netherlands, the homeland of the region’s pioneers. It was a land of staggeringly rough beauty and color and unforgettable smells, a nation of contrasts, strong feelings and mixed emotions. The rainbow mosaic of people and cultures gave it an unpredictable, sometimes savage nature. And it was independent — unrestrained, unrestricted.
Unity, beauty, conflict — and freedom are the hallmarks of our company. The Orange Free State ended in 1902. But its attitude lives on at Etat Libre d’Orange.



Etienne formed his own house with the idea of starting a revolution. He wanted to create a challenging perfumery, to emancipate juices from traditional restrictions. He envisioned perfumes that were furiously liberated, dangerously endearing. Flamboyant, excessive, perfect. Sometimes scandalous, always delicious. Perfumes for life and love and making love.

A Collection for Connoisseurs
Etat Libre d’Orange currently presents a collection of 34 fragrances — all aspirational, all essential. With an emphasis on originality, audacity, authenticity and freedom of expression, Etat Libre d’Orange proposes surprising olfactory compositions, without any limitations in terms of creativity, raw materials, or costs.

This is why the brand has met a growing number of passionate fans who see in Etat Libre d’Orange its singularity, its sincerity, and its adherence to its ethos: luxurious, provocative, sometimes ironic, often subversive, and always elegant.

In ten years, Etat Libre d’Orange has become a respected constituent in the world of perfume:
- Five stars from the New York Times in its classification of perfume houses;
- The Specialists’ Prize, awarded by the Fragrance Foundation France for having created an innovative and daring perfumery.


Available in Hong Kong in this online shop and in the following physical shops:

 1. Fang Fong Projects:

Shop 1, G/F, 69-71 Peel Street, Central

2. K11 Design Store @K11 Art Mall:

1/F K11 Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

3. Mahka Store:

4 Wa Lane, Sheung Wan

4. Sally's Toy

Rm 302, 3/F, Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane Street, Central
Unit B, 3/F, Po Foo Building, 1-5 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay
Unit B, 2nd Floor, Kam Ma Building, 16 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
736, 7/F, Nan Fung Center, Tsuen Wan