Candle Assam Of India 印度阿薩姆香氛蠟燭

  • $460.00

A subtle fragrance of tea leaves in an elegant candle. 
Burn time approximately 35 hours.
Candle in glass
Net weight 180 Grams


The subtle perfume of tea leaves 微妙茶葉香調


Citron From Menton - Tea From India - Sandalwood From Mysore

蒙頓檸檬 - 印度茶葉 - 邁索爾檀香木


Assam of India conjures up the tea plains of Assam, in North-East India.

Our perfumers set out in search of these black Assam tea leaves grown at very low altitude – sea level – that reveal an exceptional character that mirrors India. It is the result of the unique blend of citron from Menton, tea from India and sandalwood from Mysore. Assam of India retains the natural elegance of the tea leaves yet ennobles the substance of an Indian tea to new heights..


ASSAM OF INDIA 印度- 阿薩姆令人聯想到在印度東北部的阿薩姆茶葉平原,沿著海平面生長的阿薩姆茶葉有著獨特的清新香味,造就阿薩姆茶葉精緻、獨特和優雅的組合,代表了印度優秀特質的反映。


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