Candle Selva Do Brazil 巴西熱帶雨林香氛蠟燭

  • $460.00

A botanical fragrance.  Brazil forests in a candle.


The simplicity of a botanical perfume 純淨的植物香調


Petitgrain from Paraguay – Tonka bean from Brazil - Gaiac wood from Argentina

巴拉圭苦橙葉 - 巴西零陵香豆 - 阿根廷癒越木

From the Portuguese ‘selva do Brasil’ or ‘forest of Brazil’, it evokes the Amazonian forest that offers luxuriance, warmth, and moisture.

Our perfumers have reinvented the "selva" by melding a dry, inimitable green note that reveals its original, bold nature. Petitgrain from Paraguay, tonka bean from Brazil and Gaiac wood from Argentina come together to create a timbre that is both alive and racy, like the sap that flows in the heart of the "selva's" trees.


SELVA DO BRA ZIL 巴西- 熱帶雨林喚起了人們對亞馬遜森林繁茂、溫暖和潮濕的記憶。熱帶雨林是一個獨特、有如夢幻般的自然世界,帶著濕潤、豐富和深沉香調的想像願景,邀您一起進入熱帶雨林的最深處,置身於這片令人驚訝、不可預知的綠色浩瀚海洋。


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