OFILD'O Bijoux - Jewelry collection

In the tradition of the French artistic heritage, Aliza Barre, the founder of OFILD’O, is a cultural traveler. 

“I see life as a journey of discovery and the world is a vast magnificent garden,” says Aliza. “In this garden are rarities to be found, and wonders may be cultivated.”


OFILD’O is inspired by an allegory, that of a river.

As a river, it is born free and does not know any border.  As a river, it meanders through the lands it crosses, becoming part of them, taking their shapes and colors, enriching them and itself at the same time.
OFILD’O reflects the learning human spirit.

OFILD’O is born from friendships between people of different cultures.


OFILD’O collections are created by pure artists who interpret beauty from their own unique perspectives. Each piece is born from an authentic inspiration.


The first collection, “Au Soleil Levant”, is created by Yoshihiko Miyake. 

Aliza met him during one of her journeys.  She recognized in him the heart of a true artist, proud of his heritage, open to new ideas and passionate to learn about other cultures.

Challenged to create jewelry, something he had never done, Yoshihiko decided to interpret one of his most cherished childhood memories. He was recalling his plays on a riverbank, the delight in smells, colors and flow, the stillness of nature and his own unity with it. Instead of drawing his designs, he created amazingly filigree fine, elegant origami sculptures, all of which become beautiful 3D jewelry designs.


OFILD’O takes pride in discovering true artists such as Yoshihiko Miyake, give them a chance to express their art and make a name for themselves.